Renting Your Investment Property in Turkey

If you are planning to rent your Turkish villa or home investment property for short term use including private rentals through sites such as airbnb, there are several factors to bear in mind.

You will need to:

  • Declare your intention to rent the property out to local police/tax office to receive an official unique password for each rental period, meaning that the owner need not be present.
  • Provide identity information in the form of passport photocopies of the clients to who you have rented to the local gendarme.
  • Report the income received from the rental property to the local tax office, and pay any income tax accordingly. Most EU countries and North America have dual taxation exemptions, so property owners will not be taxed twice.

How Luxury Property Turkey can help:

  • Assist with all of the formalities, including a property management team to manage the rentals
  • Apply for applicable exemptions for family members for short term property stays
  • Assist with on-line banking tax payments as needed

Contact us at for any assistance with your intended property investment, and regarding any questions about rental income.