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A Complete Guide to Shopping on the Bodrum Peninsula

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Amazing Bodrum view from the sky.

Whether it’s yourself or a family member, chances are somebody close to you thoroughly enjoys shopping, especially in new surroundings and with local goods.  Luxury Property Turkey has put together a guide to all the best shopping spots scattered along the Bodrum Peninsula, so that you can head directly to what best suits you.

In Bodrum city-center itself, there are two shopping areas.  The open air shops are incorporated as part of the Milta Marina and include well known clothing retailers Mudo, Mavi and Polo Garage.  Recently opened is Yargici, a high end women’s tailored brand.  Diesel, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica also have boutiques in this smart corridor, and Stone rock offers a variety of shoe choices.  EC Diamond sells unique jewelry pieces, and there is also a GNC vitamin shop.

On the southern end of Bodrum is what locals refer to as ‘’bar street.’’  Shopping in this area is rather touristy, but there are still some small gems to explore, especially with silver, costume jewelry, gifts, leather items, and albeit borderline kitschy, but fun home décor pieces.

About a mile from Bodrum city center on the main highway leading to the rest of the peninsula is the Oasis Shopping Center.  This two-story, outdoor center has a very pleasant outdoor food court with local Bodrum cuisine, juicy kebabs, an authentic, popular Chinese restaurant and smaller snack stalls.   Brands such as Lacoste, GAP, Marks & Spencer, Madam Coco, Levis and Mango all have shops at Oasis, and there is an expansive cinema-plex showing the latest original films in their original languages with Turkish subtitles.   There is also an excellent book retailer Imge, Apple store, and the D&R chain of music and books which also sells high-tech gadgets. The large carwash located on the outskirts of Oasis is a great place to leave one’s car while exploring, and you can return to a spanking clean car, inside and out after doing damage to the credit card.

Newly opened Avenue shopping center is a small group of open air shops further along the main Bodrum peninsula highway on the west side of the road heading out onto the peninsula.  One of the most popular attractions is the gym, which offers pilates, yoga and tabata classes.  A favorite shop is Paşabahçe, the well-known Turkish chain of kitchen, cutlery and porcelain.  As of March, 2017, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has also announced plans to open a showroom encompassing the entire ground floor of the Avenue shopping center.

Approaching Ortakent, on the right side of the boulevard is the Midtown shopping mall.  This is a style of mall which is quite generic in that you could be in just about any developed country on the planet.  A jump-jiving, noisy, indoor food court offers a diverse mixture of international chains such as Subway and Arby`s, intermixed with local Bodrum kebabs and juice bars.  Major Turkish and international stores include Watson’s, English Home and Boyner.  There are some excellent individual restaurants including the Chinese Inn and The Hungry, and there’s an expansive Carrefour supermarket attached to the mall.  Adjacent to the main structure is sports retailer Decathlon, and home improvement chain Banio.

On the stretch of road leading to Yalikavak are many unique home and garden décor stores.  Most of the items are individually designed and can be custom made to order, including handmade wooden tables, lighting fixtures, furniture and garden amenities.

In Yalikavak, the ultimate shopping experience is in Palmarina.  It’s easy to incur easy losses to one’s AMEX here, whilst wandering between Armani, Beymen and Vakko against the backdrop of jaw-dropping, sparkling million dollar motor yachts.  At the entry is a classic, international cigar shop, and across the corridor is a Macro Center featuring a vast selection of specialty, gourmet foods, including truffles, tropical fruits and pork items.

If you have bought more than you can carry, leave your packages at the Luxury Property Turkey office located just across from Yalikavak Palmarina.  We’ll guard them carefully while you have a leisurely lunch at one of the fabulous restaurants in the marina, or more traditional fare a few steps away in downtown Yalikavak.