Yalikavak For Year Round Living

Construction re commences on Palmarina Yalikavak through the winter with  the construction of more retail outlets, further International brand names have already secured their space, Palmarina has already become ‘ the place to eat, drink and shop’ giving  growing completion to Bodrum centre!

Yalikavak is becoming more and more a year round place to live! It undoubtedly offers the peninsulas best scenery and with a grip on planning! It is becoming the place to live, leaving the once fashionable Turkbuku behind!

With the largest shopping malls, private schools and state of the art hospitals all being located within an equal distance of Bodrum and Yalikavak it makes permanent living all the easier! Yalikavak has the chance to be the shining star of the peninsula and already processes the area’s most elite villas.

By Darren Edwards