Mr Khayat

As a contractor and real estate developer based in the Middle East, I was interested to own a property in Turkey. I had decided on searching for a villa in Gumusluk, Bodrum Peninsula and through website browsing I chose to work with Luxury Property Turkey.

Later I sent an email asking for information and details for a three bedroom villa, the next day I received a call from one of Darren Edwards’ office colleagues who talked to me for some time listening and understanding my requirements, advising and explaining all details, asking me the purpose of purchasing, clarifying me about the procedures of owning a property for foreign citizens in Turkey etc.

I so much appreciated this action and interest and agreed to visit Bodrum two months later and meet Darren who arranged for us to view some properties before my visit in order to save time. It was a great pleasure for me when I met Darren, he is a polite, helpful and professional person. We have finalized our round and the purchase of the Villa within two days only and this was due to his good preparation and knowledge.

Some months later, Darren contacted me again and offered me a good opportunity with a very attractive price for another property in Gumusluk, I took the advantage and I purchased that unit too. Now we are close friends and I am recommending my friends who are willing to purchase a property in Turkey to deal with Darren for his credibility.Mr Khayat

Sue Harper

My partner and I were searching for a property on the Bodrum Peninsula for quite some time. We approached Darren Edwards (Luxury Property Turkey) after a recommendation earlier this year and after giving all of our requirements likes/dislikes to Darren he came up with some amazing properties to view.

We purchased a lovely property a few months ago and Darren was so helpful with all the legal things with his lawyer too. One thing we liked about Darren was that we did not feel pressurized at any time, he was so helpful and always available for anything we were concerned with regarding the sale. The after sales is so important when you purchase a property and the staff at Luxury Property Turkey certainly carried this through very professionally right to the end.

I would highly recommend Darren Edwards to anyone with the intention of purchasing a property in Turkey. He is a very genuine, professional person who will certainly meet all your requirements and deliver an excellent customer service.Sue Harper

Andrew Williams

Darren and his team are very professional and helped us with our dream house from start to finish, if you are looking for a reliable, professional and honest agent in Turkey, Luxury Property Turkey, is the firm you need.Andrew Williams

Gille McCollum

‘Having decided to buy a property in Turkey, we approached ‘Luxury Property Turkey and found them to be extremely helpful. They responded immediately to any questions we had, had no ‘hard sell’, The correspondence with Darren, resulted in a visit to Bodrum and the purchase of a lovely villa. We found Darren, living permanently in Bodrum, helpful, friendly, attentive, and extremely accommodating. He drove us around, showed us many villas and gave us plenty of information and feedback.

Since our purchase, Darren has helped us every step of the way. He has advised us throughout the purchasing process, which resulted in a smooth, stress-free few weeks, and came to the property with us several times when any questions arose. He liaised with the property developer on our behalf on many occasions, emailed, texted and phoned when it was needed, and has given us an excellent list of contacts for renting the property, furnishing it, and looking after it. All of the professionals he has advised us to use have been faultless, and his 2 colleagues, Guzide and Deniz, have been indispensable. Guzide has been on hand whenever we have needed her; her excellent English has meant that any problems that have arisen, she can deal with. She translates for us and advises us if any problems arise. She is a huge asset to the company.

We are extremely pleased to have bought property through ‘Luxury Property Turkey’ and would highly recommend anyone in the same position, to use this company. They are kind, honest and straightforward.’

Best regards,

Gille McCollumGille McCollum

David Yazıdı

I fell in love with Turkey’s Gold Coast during my first visit so much that I decided to purchase a vacation property in the area. When I returned home to the US, I did quite a bit of research online. I also consulted with some of my Turkish friends and narrowed down my search to Bodrum. During my research, I happened upon Darren’s website which was full of valuable information about the area and included an in depth guide to the purchasing process in Turkey.

I contacted Darren and a couple of other real tors I found online and sent them a handful of properties that met my criteria. I found Darren to be the most responsive and more “on the ball” and to the point.

I informed Darren that I was planning to return to Turkey to tour some properties.

I was very impressed the first time I met him face to face. I found him to be very efficient and detail oriented, as well as a a good listener.

He had already prepared a list of potential properties and, based on our discussions, he narrowed down the list. In less than an hour we were on our way.

The properties that Darren had selected closely matched my requirements, which was a huge time saver for me. I was able to select the villa I ended up purchasing within a few hours.

Based on what my experience, I felt like Darren was someone I could trust; and being able to trust someone in a foreign country with a purchase meant a lot to me. I found it reassuring to be working with someone who had lived in the area for quite some time. I enjoyed his easy going, “no pressure” style.

Darren couldn’t have made the whole negotiation and purchase process go any smoother.

Just as valuable was the amount time and effort Darren saved me by putting me in touch with a number of great contacts. The attorney, bank representative, property manager, etc., were all top notch and English speaking. What I accomplished in two days would have easily taken me weeks, if not months, had it not been for Darren’s guidance. I headed back to the US and completed the remainder of the purchase process remotely with Darren and the attorney.

Darren has also been a great resource for my post purchase questions. I trust his judgment so much that I purchased a second villa sight unseen based on his recommendation.

What else could I have asked for? He is the best. I recommend Darren without any hesitation to anyone who plans to purchase property in Turkey.David Yazidi

John and Lisa

My wife and I are from the USA and have been looking for a vacation property for the past 20 years. We’ve traveled to many destination in search of the perfect villa from Central and South America, to the French/Spanish Rivera without finding exactly what we want.

When we focused our search in Turkey we found Darren Edwards (Luxury Property Turkey)and he was spot on. After we gave Darren our likes and dislikes he found us several properties to view and before we departed we made a decision to purchase (within three days) and it was perfect. Exactly what we were looking for and wanted. With Darren’s expertise and excellent local knowledge of the area he was able to advise us in making the best decision in selecting our luxury property. It was a no brainier and with Darren’s advice it was simply a matter of saying yes.

After we purchased our amazing property, Darren was instrumental on suggesting professional craftsmen and management to help us get the property “Aegean 220″ up to the standard we wanted. I think without Darren’s advice and direction, our decision would have been much more difficult.

The area of Bodrum and outlying coastal villages is heaven, with Yalikavak, having exceptional charm. While Turkey appeared to be quite a far journey for some Americans in truth it is easy to get to and we are happy to say Western Turkey has amazing opportunities which have yet to be discovered by those living in the USA.

The decision to purchase our property in Yalikavak “Aegean 220″ has turned out to be better than we ever thought. It has exceeded our expectations and if we purchase another property Darren will most certainly be our agent. Trustworthy and honest, he has our complete confidence to ensure any future purchases in Turkey. Without question, we would recommend Darren Edwards to close friends and colleagues that are considering a purchase in Western Turkey.John and Lisa

Nazim and Ulviyya – The professional who has become a friend

If you love Turkey the country of ancient diverse culture and traditions, then you should love even more the Aegean region of Turkey, Bodrum. That’s what we were dreaming of a year ago to have an owned corner enabling our family to live here and enjoy the gorgeous nature and hospitality of the local people. Following evaluation of a number of options and information sources we decided to accept Darren’s service which proved to be the highest standard in terms of a variety of proposed options, reasonable prices supported by honest and professional communication with the client.

The most important and impressive for us was Darren’s ability to carefully listen to and precisely understand our preferences and limitations which had eased very much to make a right decision. A week of extensive efforts with Darren paid off by selecting the best choice and gaining a good friend.

If you look for the best choice in Turkey and specifically in Bodrum, then for sure you have got to seek, enjoy and benefit from Darren’s professional service.Nazim and Ulviyya

Paul and Nur

Being married to a wonderful Turkish woman, while we earn our living in London, I’d always thought of buying a summer house / eventual retirement home in Turkey. In very brief, this would not have happened had we not met Darren Edwards. At the end of Summer 2014, we managed to find a weekend to visit Bodrum – knowing that if we didn’t find a place, the pressures of work and travel would make it unlikely we’d fulfil our dream in the near term.

Darren took a lot of time to understand our requirements and put together a fantastic 2 days of viewings, across a range of styles, locations and price levels. The thing I appreciated most during this process was that there was not even the slightest attempt to ‘convince’ us or pressure us – something that I’d have found off-putting. We ended up falling in love with the most beautiful house in Yalikavak and over the next few months, Darren acted at all times in good faith as a trusted adviser, helping us to buy it.

We have just returned from our second summer in Bodrum and the memories we have will be with us for the rest of our lives. Darren remains on hand to help – he is genuinely interested and in no way someone who ‘moves on’ once the keys are handed over. I think it speaks volumes that over time, we have become friends with Darren, with the developer of the property and the lawyer who helped us – how many times does that happen in the UK?

In summary, if you come with the intention to purchase and you’ve done some homework, Darren is the only person worth speaking to about quality property in Bodrum.Paul and Nur Tucker

Margareta & Fredrik Wachtmeister  – Eric Elsa Sofia  &  Fred – Stockholm

After having sold our summerhouse by the sea in the beautiful but sadly rather rainy and cold Sweden, we looked around for properties in Sardinia and Mallorca, and also considered Turkey –being really fond of the country after a some great adventures here as fiancées and newlyweds. Now some 20 years and 4 children later we went to Bodrum in May 2013 to look for suitable properties for a large and expanding family. After spending a couple of days with 2 other real-estate agents who did not really understand what we were looking for, the third and last agent Darren Edwards was asked to show us something “special” and “out-of -the -ordinary”. At that point we had rather given up on Bodrum but Darren took us to see 2 fantastic houses, both so equally beyond expectations-so we really did have some hard time to decide. Finally we settled for our beautiful paradise on the hill in the outskirts of Yalikavak. Darren was very helpful and provided skillful and competent advice throughout the process and both ourselves as buyers and the sellers were very content with the deal and how it was done. Darren and his team of Turkish-English speaking employees have been very helpful with matters of after-sale too and continues to be valuable advisers from time to time when we need it.
We can definitely recommend Property Turkey with Darren and his team as very good choice for finding your Bodrum Home. We also highly recommend Turkey as a wonderful country for Mediterranean vacations- it is an exciting mix of east and west, with a friendly and humorist child loving people, great food and a beautiful landscape.Margareta & Fredrik Wachtmeister

“Great experience working with Darren and his team”

“Great experience working with Darren and his team” who provided us with all the knowledge and more to assist us in our property purchase and made the entire process hassle free and quick. The team was always there to answers any questions promptly and this is so important when you need to make decisions. In a nutshell If you want a safe pair of hands you can’t go wrong with Darren and we would recommend him to any buyer”.

My Experience Of Buying My Apartment With Property Turkey, Yalikavak.

Back in October 2014 I made the decision to buy an apartment in Yalikavak, Turkey. I was drawn to the Property Turkey website as it was professional, informative and carried a good range of property choices.
March 2015 and my week in Yalikavak began with Darren taking me and my friends (who live in Bodrum) to view several properties that I had short-listed. Some had been sold and others I was advised against viewing as they did not have a habitation certificate. This really reassured me that I was dealing with a professional company. My initial visits were informative and at no time did I feel pressured to make a decision or pushed towards making a purchase. This too added to my confidence with Darren and his team. All questions were answered truthfully and up front. Darren has a nice manner and approach.
Day two, I cancelled another company I had arranged viewing with! No point as I had made my decision. I was extremely happy with my experiences and knew I had made the correct decision.
Day three, revisiting the two apartments really liked. Today I met Güzide, who accompanied Darren and I and offered good advice. I made up my mind, going with the apartment that had won me over on day one! My friends were happy with my choice of company as they knew of Darren, Trust was there! They had accompanied me initially, in case I was dealing with unregistered companies or pushy sales people.
Day four, Güzide took me to Bodrum to get my Tax number, open my bank account and meet my lawyer to draw up the contract and get Power of Attorney for the sale. Mehmet Sinop, my lawyer, is an efficient and helpful man. All communication in English and good English at that! Military clearance completed, contract signed and deposit paid. Everything was completed with ease and within a morning! Try that back home! Güzide is a star! Picking me up, accompanying me everywhere, helping me get online banking and my bank card and waiting with me till I met my friend.
Day five and six was spent with my friends and a few phone calls to agree move in dates etc.
Day seven, met up with Darren and Güzide for a coffee and a chat to summarise the deal and arrange my return to get the keys. Two weeks time, so excited.
Returned to Yalikavak (with husband this time!) to complete the sale.
Day one, met Güzide and Deniz, also from property Turkey, in Bodrum for coffee before heading to the lawyer’s to conclude the sale. Met up with Marie and Colin, the sellers, and headed to the bank to arrange the payment cheque. Mehmet joined us and the deal was done. Next stop to the Deed office to change our names on the Tapu (title deeds). Again, all arranged so well that the process was completed without a hitch!
Keys handed over, deal done!
Early evening my husband and I walked up to the apartment but couldn’t open the door, we tried and tried. I phoned Darren and he got Deniz to come and try, eventually they contacted the previous owner who came to the rescue. Over and beyond the call of duty! It was easy once you knew how!
Day two and three, we moved in and visited many shops, much to the joy (not) of my husband! Good recommendations from Deniz and Güzide about where to shop.
Day four, Deniz took me to the electric company to change over account into my name. She picked me up and took me to Bodrum and hit it on the busiest day! Whilst we were in the queue it closed for lunch so Deniz took me shopping for more things. Back after lunch and the deed was done! Deniz got in touch with my bank to set up the direct debit. Wonderful and done without complaint!
All done! I have a wonderful apartment with the most fantastic view.
To summarise~ I can’t thank Darren, Güzide and Deniz enough, they are a wonderful team, who really put the needs of their customer first. Nothing is of any bother and everything is done with genuine passion for a job they all do extremely well. Communication is brilliant and by the end of my experience I felt I had made new friends!
I would recommend them without hesitation. It’s easy with the right people helping.Lesley Pitblado

Helping Colin and Marie Sell Their Yalikavak Apartment
Colin and Marie Symons contacted us looking to sell their lovely apartment in Yalikavak and we were only happy to do so. Selling such a beautiful home was easy and a seamless transition from previous owners to new owners. Here the sellers give their feedback on what it is like to sell your property.

Good morning Darren and team!!

I hope that you are well.

We would just like to thank all of you for your really professional service and attention whilst we’ve been going through this transition!!

Nothing has been too much trouble for any one of you and you have all been SO helpful. We would highly recommend you (as you know!) to any of our friends, and we hope you can help them as well as you helped us!

Hopefully Leslie and her husband (now they have mastered the front door) will have as many happy hours in our lovely old apartment as we had — l am sure they will.

We wish them and all of you the very best of everything because you deserve it – so many thanks again.

See you when we get back…Colin and Marie.

Karim And Rozi Enjoying Their New Dream Home In Yalikavak
As I was going to relocate in Turkey for my work, me and my wife decided to search for a property there, especially Yalikavak, well renowned as the St Trope of turkey.

I started to look at property in turkey through the internet in early august 2014

Me and my wife later visited Bodrum and met  Mr. Darren Edwards. The first contact was very friendly and we could tell immediately that Darren had a very good knowledge of the area. He showed us a few properties not only in Bodrum but Yalikavak also.

We fell in love with Yalikavak – Darren really went the extra miles for us, showing us around the region and focusing on our requirements.

We fell in Love with one property in particular, but decided to contact some other agents just to compare – however it quickly became obvious that Darren had not only the best properties in Bodrum  to show us, but the best support and guidance as well – which is very important when considering paperwork and banking etc.

It is thanks to them that we now own our dream home.

I would highly recommend Darren and his team to anybody, it has been a real pleasure to deal with real professional with very clear input and support which not only made the buying process easy, but also kept helping us after the buying process with electrics, water, and so on.Karim & Rozi

Dalal & Bader, Kuwait, 13 August 2014

Mr. Darren was really a great help with his effort in finding what we were looking for. For that reason we were able to close the deal in no time, very efficient work indeed.

We really thank you, Darren and your staff for the excellent professional way you both handled our purchase, we look forward to seeing you in Bodrum this summer.

Thanking you all.Dalal & Bader

Yalikavak For A Vibrant Turkish Lifestyle For Steve and Zahra
Darren Edwards  helped us find a fantastic 3 bedroom villa in Yalikavak, and the service provided by Darren and his team has been excellent from start to finish.

Darren spent considerable time to understand what we really wanted and showing us potential properties. There was never any pressure to buy, just friendly advice, and a balanced view on pros and cons of each house. Darren also promised to help us with all the other important aspects of buying and setting up a home abroad, and he has been true to his word. We’ve had invaluable help finding a solicitor, builders, property manager and much more.

If you are thinking of buying a home in Bodrum we would highly recommend talking to Darren at Yalikavak.comZahra & Steve, London, UK – 5 June 2014